In the winter of 2003, the need for a lighted puck for use on outdoor ponds at dusk came to light. The idea for a lighted puck was born while playing on ponds with make-shift lights and portable generators. Since then many hours have been invested in testing and researching the idea.


The LIT BUISCUIT was founded in early 2005, by Anthony Fairchild Senior and Hugo Proulx (from the UHL hall of fame). Anthony and Hugo have spent months refining and testing their idea.

The puck is a high quality, durable clear polycarbonate core, with a vulcanized rubber puck exterior that is identical in size and weight to an offical puck. The only difference is the center core which is clear and holds a battery operated light. Batteries will be included with the puck and additional replacement batteries may be purchased.

The puck has withstood rigorous slap-shot testing and is expected to last years, if used as intended. Not only is the puck ideal for low light conditions, it can be used as a training aid, helping to develop heads-up skating skills in the beggining skaters.